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Lisa Schmeiser

Content Director, SuperSite for Windows,
Penton Technology

Lisa Schmeiser is the Content Director and Editor in Chief of SuperSite for Windows. She joined the Penton Technology team in April 2015 from InfoWorld, where she most recently has been the newsletter editor and cultivator of InfoWorld’s social media outlets, and also reported, edited and blogged on a wide variety of tech topics over the years. Previously Schmeiser served as Senior Associate Editor of Macworld and Executive Editor and Senior Editor of She was also a reporter for Investor's Business Daily, covering telecom, mobile and e-commerce. Earlier Schmeiser was a personal finance blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle. In her spare time she writes and edits a curatorial newsletter as a testbed for developing best practices for organic audience building and engagement, hyperlinking and content presentation. You can reach her at

When Panicky Tech News Can Help You Be a Calmer Digital Citizen
Don't get outraged if and when you read about the latest way tech companies are using you for your data. Get cleaning -- and unsubscribe or delete things right out of your life.
Microsoft Windows 10 + Gmail = New Options for Users
The walled garden is beginning to crumble in spots. Nowhere is this more evident that with Microsoft's recent decision to offer several marquee Windows 10 Mail & Calendar features to Gmail users.
Microsoft Edge: Browser Uses Less Power Than Competitors 1

Another iteration of Windows 10, another Edge test that demonstrates its superiority over other browsers ...

We Read the Security Bulletins So You Don't Have To 1

Microsoft just released 18 different security bulletins. Do you need to panic over any of them? We've gone ahead and done the reading -- and possible panicking -- for you.

Powered Down: How to Protect Against Productivity Loss When the Lights Go Out 3
A recent power outage reminded us how important it is to remain prepared for anything when you're working remotely or working from the road.
We Read the Security Bulletins So You Don't Have To

Microsoft just released 18 different security bulletins. Do you need to panic over any of them? We've gone ahead and done the reading -- and possible panicking -- for you.

Microsoft Teams: It's a Chat Workspace for Grown-Ups
We here at Supersite test-drove Teams last fall and I used it last week. We also use Slack here daily. Here's what I've observed in hands-on use of both chat-based workspace tools.
Microsoft's Brad Smith: "What We Need Now Is A Digital Geneva Convention"
The present and future of warfare takes place on computer terminals, innocent civilians worldwide are not being protected by their government, and it's time for the tech industry to pull together and call on the world's governments to come together in a Digital Geneva Convention.
Microsoft's Q2 2017 Results: The Cloud Continues to Rain Money
Satya Nadella is relentlessly on focus when it comes to reminding an audience of Microsoft's present and future businesses. That focus is reflected in the quarterly results.
CES 2017: What We'll Be Covering This Year, Based on What We Saw Last Week 1
Rich Hay and I spent five days criss-crossing the Las Vegas Conventions Center, the Sands, and countless hotel suites and press conferences, and at the end of it, a few tech trends really stood out for me. These trends will likely percolate through our coverage for the remainder of the year.
CES 2017 Quick Take: How VR Will Blow Open the Job Market
The reality of how VR will change the nontechnical job market really sank in during the Intel press event.
CES 2107: Catch Up On Our Coverage Here
We've written a lot of CES-related articles in the past few days, and it's easy to miss some of them in the flood. Catch up on all our coverage here.
CES 2017: How Well You Spend Your Time Is the Newest Tech Metric
There's a cultural shift in consumer tech from "Hey, check out this cool thing I own!" to "Hey, check out how I'm spending my time! Pretty great, no?"
CES 2017: You're Generating Data But Good Luck Seeing It
Once smart appliances become integrated into the normal household routines, your daily activities will generate even more data for companies to analyze and deploy for further profit. But can you see what data you're generating for others?
CES 2017: LG's New Line of Smart Appliances Creates a New Line of Questions
LG is addressing the "your computer is an appliance" mentality by juicing up appliances with the abilities we expect from our laptops and smartphones. But that introduces a whole new host of issues for our fridges.

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