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Paul Thurrott is senior technical analyst for Windows IT Pro. He writes the SuperSite for Windows, a weekly editorial for Windows IT Pro UPDATE, and a daily Windows news and information newsletter called WinInfo Daily UPDATE. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

Surface Pro 3 v. MacBook Air 9
When my new Apple MacBook Air arrived earlier this month, I could feel the waves of jealousy coming off the Surface Pro 3. But it shouldn't have worried. While your needs may vary, the Surface Pro 3 instantly catapults Microsoft's hardware into the same league as Apple's well-respected MacBook Air. And that's quite an accomplishment.
Will Holiday 2014 be Xbox 360's Swan Song? 7
Microsoft this week revealed Xbox 360 bundle lineup for the 2014 holiday season, which includes a special Call of Duty-themed value bundle, a specially colored version of the console with a much bigger hard drive, and a new Kinect bundle. Is this the last big holiday quarter for Xbox 360?
Windows 9 Technical Preview Virtual Desktops and Notification Center Video Leaks: An Analysis 14
Not surprisingly, the leakers who have been dribbling out details about the Windows 9 Technical Preview have provided a few more videos over the weekend. These show the new virtual desktop and notification center functionality in Windows 9. So let's take a look.
Thinking About Platforms and Ecosystems 56
While the banner on the site you're reading says Windows, the truth is I've always used and tested a variety of non-Microsoft platforms, hardware, apps and services. I do this many times to see where the competition is with regards to Microsoft's solutions. But I'm also not shy about using non-Microsoft solutions when they're better. This isn't about cheerleading a company, which confuses some people. It's about making sure that all of us—me, you, everyone—are using the best products. So how do we choose?
Surface Pro 3 Demand Outstrips Supply 33
Microsoft made an interesting claim today, though it didn't back it up with any hard figures: Demand for Surface Pro 3 has surpassed the supply, leading to shortages in some markets. So Microsoft is asking for your patience while it gets more into the marketplace.
Xbox Video Updated for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8/8.1 3
While I've been a lot more focused on Xbox Music for what I assume are obvious reasons, Microsoft has also been updating its Xbox Video apps a lot lately as well. And this week, the firm issued updates for the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 versions of the app. Nothing major, but some steady progress.
Short Takes: September 12, 2014
An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including a trip to Las Vegas for IT/Dev Connections, a major leak of the next version of Windows, some major successes for Windows Phone amidst all the iPhone hype, Yahoo battled the government long before Microsoft woke up, Google stumbles in Europe again, Sprint plans an unlimited comeback, and Apple Pay has both proponents and detractors.
Windows 9 Technical Preview Video Leaks: An Analysis 53
One of the original Windows 8 Technical Preview screenshot leakers has now posted a short video showing the new Windows 9 Start menu in action. As with the screenshots, the video pretty much confirms what we already knew and doesn't provide any major new information. But it's always interesting to see something in action as opposed to just reading about it, and there are a few minor new things.
First Android Apps Appear on Chrome OS 10
At Google I/O in July, Google announced (among many other things) that it would be bringing Android mobile apps to its Chrome OS. Today, it revealed that the first Android apps have made the leap, and while it's only a handful, it gives us a chance to see what this experience is like.
HTC One M8 for Windows Review 33
Working closely with Microsoft, HTC ported its best-ever Android handset to Windows Phone and created a credible flagship from a company not formerly named Nokia. The HTC One M8 for Windows is the ultimate stealth product, a smart phone that won't get confused looks from your friends, even though it runs an alien mobile platform. Is it good enough to dethrone the Lumia Icon?
Windows Weekly 379: Snarknado 7
In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss the Microsoft/Minecraft rumors, the MSN relaunch, a new Surface Pro 3 firmware fix, new (but not really) Nokia/Windows Phone renaming rumors, changes for Xbox One, and much more.
Windows 9 Technical Preview Screenshots Leak: An Analysis (Part 2) 52
Two German technology blogs have leaked screenshots of the upcoming Windows 9 Technical Preview, which is billed as build 9834. Here's a further analysis of the shots and what they reveal about the next Windows.
Windows 9 Technical Preview Screenshots Leak: An Analysis (Part 1) 59
Two German technology blogs have leaked screenshots of the upcoming Windows 9 Technical Preview, which is billed as build 9834. The shots depict the new Start menu, floating Modern app windows, a notification center, multiple desktop workspaces, a flat new design for the desktop, and many other changes that we've long expected.
T-Mobile to Offer Free Wi-Fi Calling on New Phones
T-Mobile, the US wireless carrier that bills itself as the "uncarrier," has introduced another innovative feature that undercuts rivals and makes its service more valuable to customers. As part of an initiative dubbed "Wi-Fi Unleashed," T-Mobile customers who purchase a new phone will be able to make phone calls and send text messages over Wi-Fi as well as the firm's cellular network.
OneDrive Updated with Support for 10 GB Files, More 28
Yikes. Microsoft announced today that its consumer-oriented OneDrive cloud storage service supports individual files of up to 10 GB each, a dramatic improvement over the previous 2 GB limit. The move comes shortly after the firm increased the storage available in the free version of the service from 7 GB to 15 GB, and it's accompanied by a number of other improvements as well.
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