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Paul Thurrott is senior technical analyst for Windows IT Pro. He writes the SuperSite for Windows, a weekly editorial for Windows IT Pro UPDATE, and a daily Windows news and information newsletter called WinInfo Daily UPDATE. You can find him on Twitter.

Microsoft Posts Support Page, How-To Video for Lumia Denim 41
If you're still fuming because you haven't even gotten the Lumia Cyan firmware update yet, this bit of news isn't going to make you feel much better: Microsoft is now talking up how users of its Lumia handsets can update to the next firmware version, called Denim.
Windows Phone 8.1 Tip: Enable Double-Tap to Wake 19
If you have a compatible Windows Phone 8.1-based smart phone, you can enable a feature that lets you double-tap your handset's screen to wake it up. This can often be much more convenient than the normal method for doing so, which requires you to pick up the phone and press the power button.
Glance Updated for Lumia Smart Phones 12
Microsoft this week announced an update to its Glance screen functionality that I've been waiting for since I first saw it demoed back in August: With this new version, you can now view your lock screen background right on the Glance screen too.
Gestures Beta for Lumia Smart Phones 19
Microsoft this week announced a new Gestures Beta release that works with some of its Windows Phone-based Lumia smart phones. Contrary to the name, this interesting tool doesn't require you to gesticulate with your hands in front of the phone. Instead, it triggers smart actions based on how you position and place the phone during calls.
Sprint is Finally Launching a Windows Phone 8.1 Handset 13
For all the complaining in the Windows Phone community about Verizon, the truth is that they're only second-worst: Sprint has yet to launch a single handset based on Windows Phone 8.1, and of course it recently stopped selling the one Windows Phone handset it had been offering. But that's about to change: On December 23, Sprint will start selling the Lumia 635.
Apple Wins iPod/iTunes Antitrust Case
A federal jury in California has determined that Apple's efforts to undermine competitors to iTunes and the iPod a decade ago did not constitute antitrust violations and did not harm a class of consumers. The decision was reached after just four hours of deliberation.
Here's Where the New OneDrive Strategy Falls Apart 64
Microsoft's decision to revert OneDrive in Windows 10 to the system used by Windows 7 is a controversial one. On the one hand, the company argues that it needs to make this change so that OneDrive can be more reliable, and can more easily pick up support for shared files and better photo access. But as I'm coming to realize the more I use this system, this change severely cripples OneDrive. And surely there is a happy middle ground to be found here somewhere.
On the Road with Windows 10 Build 9901 21
I'm on the road this week and figured the trip might be a good way to stress test the recently leaked Windows 10 build 9901. And stress is perhaps the right word: In using the build regularly this way, it's become obvious that this build isn't ready for prime time despite its initial sheen of quality.
Windows 10 Comes Into Focus
In late January, Microsoft will hold a special event for press and analysts at which it will unveil more information about Windows 10 and how it will work on all kinds of devices, not just traditional PCs. But we don't need to wait until next month to gain a clearer picture of Windows 10: Thanks to a number of leaks, we can already see some of the hidden features that will make this release a more cohesive whole.
In Email Warrant Case, Microsoft Finds Friends in High Places
Microsoft's efforts to prevent the US government from illegally seizing evidence held in its email servers in Ireland has garnered an incredible level of support from within the tech community and beyond. On Monday, the software giant announced that it has filed 10 legal briefs in the case which are signed by 28 leading technology and media companies, 35 leading computer scientists, and 23 trade associations and advocacy organizations.
Office Sway Preview Now Generally Available 7
About two months after it announced the Sway preview, Microsoft has made it generally available to anyone who wants to check out the newest member of the Office family. It was previously available only via a limited, invite-only preview.
Microsoft Band Field Guide 0.15
This update to the in-progress Microsoft Band Field Guide includes a new section/chapter about Cortana, which is shorter than I expected—it's easy to get caught up in every little detail and I'm trying to keep this one lighter than that—and a short mention of the Pimp my Band app.
Microsoft Band Tip: Keep Track of Runs, Walks and Similar Activities 21
The Run tile on Microsoft Band is used to track running, of course, but also any activity in which you may wish to track your route—using the GPS sensor built into Microsoft Band—and compare your distance traveled across subsequent activities. So the Run tile is also a good choice for tracking walks, bike rides and other similar distance-based activities.
Microsoft Band Tip: Use Cortana 5
If you're using Microsoft Band with a smart phone based on the latest version of Windows Phone OS, you have some additional functionality: You can use your voice to access the Cortana personal digital assistant from your Band. You can also optionally view Cortana notifications on the Band.
Windows 10 Tip: Pin Items to the Start List 6
With the return of the Start menu in Windows 10, we suddenly have a wide range of places in the UI where we can pin frequently-used items for easy access. Which of these you use will depend on how you work, of course, and some options may be superfluous to one user but be indispensable to the next. The Start list in the new Start menu is one such example.

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