Earlier this week Microsoft announced that a new Cortana enabled device, the Harman Kardon Invoke, would be arriving later this year.

It will compete alongside the likes of Amazon's Alexa service, Google Home, and a possible Apple device using Siri.

During today's Build 2017 Day One keynote it was revealed that Harman Kardon would not be the only company partnering with Microsoft to build a device to host the companies Cortana digital assistant.

Under a new agreement, HP will also partner with Microsoft to build devices for accessing Cortana and then Intel, a partner with Microsoft to build Windows on Arm devices that are due later this year, will also build reference platforms that can be used to build Cortana-enabled devices.

Since the Cortana Skills Kit was also announced today as being available in Public Preview (U.S. only for now), developers can already begin building skills that can not only be used with these upcoming devices from HP, Harman Kardon, and any other OEM who chooses to use the Intel reference platforms but they can also be accessed by every instance of Cortana across Windows 10, Android and iOS devices.

So just counting the Windows 10 devices alone - that is over 500 million monthly active devices and that is a very good size audience to target with your Cortana Skills and other Windows Store apps.


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