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on Jun 21, 2017

thanks for finaly having some real world tests.
you compare to the hololens, but you dont mention the cost of the PC required , while the hololens dont need anything.
also you dont talk about the occlusion, spatial mapping and the sound. all of them are very good with the hololens, what about the meta 2 ?
what about the quality of the holograms when you moved your eyes only and not your head?
and finaly what's the latency? did you suffer a delay when you move your head? again, the hololens is very good on this.

on Jun 22, 2017

Hey - thanks for the comments. Unfortunately this was a very quick demo - not much time to fully evaluate all of those details however, I did want to share a quick take on the experience.

on Jun 23, 2017

ok. thanks.
I think comparing the meta 2 to the hololens is comparing orange and apples. you have to compare it to classic thetered VR devices. due to this cable limitation.
we cant say its an augmented reality device if we cant use it in a real world.
check the Super Mario Bross created for the hololens (and other games created by Asobo). this is incredible, I'm sure that the meta 2 cant do it... until the device is unthetered and cost... what... 3000$ ? ;-)

on Jun 23, 2017

This device is not anything like a VR device beyond it being tethered to a PC or phone.

It is augmented/mixed reality because the lens puts the holograms into your field of view while you can still see the environment around you.

Yes, tethered can impose some limitations but with a laptop you could be portable - granted not as good when the headset, like HoloLens, contains everything, but it is still progress. I have no doubt they will get to that untethered status at some point and then yes - it can get more expensive.

However, they did tell me part of the reason to tether is to save on the cost of the headset plus this device is targeted towards commercial business and designers, engineers who will be at their desks - therefore the tethered aspect is of no consequence.

on Sep 4, 2017

What kind of reality are these glasses used augmented reality or virtual? I've heard that virtual reality glasses are used in medicine. I've watched a lot of videos on YouTube, as it works in virtual reality. students learn how to do operations using a headset and sensors. I wonder how this works with augmented reality? Although I believe that the use augmented reality is also a great idea, it is cheaper than a VR technology. And It is more popular and used in many areas (

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