A new app from Daniel Lam called Health Band-It delivers a much better format for the data that you synch to both Microsoft Health and Fitbit. Using a single interface, you can enable a connection to both or either Microsoft Health and Fitbit, allowing the data to be viewed inside the app.

The way the data is represented in the app is very similar to how other services’ apps work. I’m still digging through the data myself to understand the value it might offer for my particular needs. The app’s clean interface makes it easy to use, but I suspect the biggest value is for those Microsoft Band users who also own a Fitbit scale. Microsoft Band currently only offers manual weight adjustments and doesn’t sync with any service to automatically update weight loss and gain. I use a Garmin scale, so the app’s Fitbit connection isn’t useful for me. I dove into the Garmin ecosystem a few months back because Fitbit isn’t quite there yet for anything more than casual fitness.

The app comes displaying ads, but you can turn them off for a fee of your choosing…

Available for Windows 10 PC and mobile, get it here: Health Band-It