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on Jan 11, 2017


on Jan 11, 2017

An alternative view is that Microsoft is trading on people's fears about invasion of their privacy in order to force them to have a Microsoft Account in order to better control the privacy issues that Microsoft forced on them in the first place. Disingenuous to say the least. It's strange that the author of this article didn't mention people who prefer to still use local accounts as a way to mitigate some of Microsoft's intrusiveness... or is it?

on Jan 11, 2017

Hey paul,

No subterfuge here - I have written about the privacy policies in the past around Windows 10 and talked about the use of a local account and how it impacts the user experience in Windows 10.

This story was a focus on their new privacy portal to help users manage their information that Microsoft uses for those experiences.

on Jan 11, 2017

This is what really worries me:
1. Microsoft violated the integrity of Security Updates by injecting a banner ad.
2. They violated the users' trust by defaulting the Cancel X on a window, and proceeded to load and install Windows 10.
3. They promised unlimited storage, then took that away for 15 GB, and then 5 GB. Really a "Bait~n~Switch tactic to start charging for cloud storage.
4. They knew all along that their upgrade policy to Windows 10 was unethical and they also knew that when the number of Windows 10 installs, stalled, they knew they would have to come out a admit that they were a little over-bearing.

I guess it might be obvious that the government Anti-Trust dude has left the building.

Their corporate motto - Cloud first, mobile first,......... consumer last!"

After 2 failures in the mobile arena, and a blatant lack of concern for abandoning Band users, when will it stop?

And what guarantee do we have that during these obtrusive updates that the opt-out selections are maintained?

Why should I trust anything this company says or does?

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