Let's see: Less than four hours of sleep thanks to last night's Celtics championship victory. (I went to the game, woo!) Yeah, I'm out of my mind today.

Pondering Apple in a post-Jobs world
Let me ruin the mystery: It's not pretty. And, yes, Michael Spindler is available.

Why Microsoft Killing XP Is A Good Idea
I agree that a "Kill XP" petition is overdue, yes.

MobileMe: What you need to know
No offense, Macworld, but what you need to know was published a week ago. You were at WWDC, weren't you?

Apple’s stores are all about Windows
Na na na-na, na na na-na. Hey, hey, hey ... Oh, those windows.

Microsoft “super-pleased” with Zune. Do you believe it?

Firefox 3 RELEASED: Thoughts?
Yeah, I have some thoughts. First, anyone who writes "Thoughts?" at the end of every single blog post they right is just lazy. ("Hey, here's a story I saw online. I will link to it and add no value whatsoever. Now, discuss it. On my site!") Second, anyone who writes that in a blog headline ... well. Sorry, there just aren't words for how repellent that is. And really, all caps? Geesh. It's like the laziness trifecta over there.

Want XP on your new Dell? $50, please
Frankly, you should have to pay extra to make a bad decision. Thoughts?

Preliminary autopsy results on Mozilla’s Download Day
Actually, it's just an examination if the patient is still alive, Dr. Kingsley-Hughes.

Vista's big problem: 92 percent of developers ignoring it
Yeah, because that never happened with developers targeting XP-specific features in 2002. Oh, wait. Were there any?

Microsoft Videos is your central location for viewing rich media from Microsoft
Apparently, too many of you heard about MSN Soapbox, so we decided to start a new video site no one will care about.

Origami Experience 2.0 Released
Finally, a software update for the 7 guys at Microsoft who actually use Ultra-Mobile PCs!

8 million downloads [for Firefox 3]
Come on, at least 2 million of those were just me.