I'm taking part in one of four Webcasts that HP is doing next month to promote their MediaSmart home servers. Here's some info about the events:

Do you have multiple PCs with increasingly large amounts of digital photos, music, video and documents? Is managing, accessing and protecting this digital media becoming a seemingly impossible task?

Join HP and Microsoft for one of these FREE live webcasts as they unveil and demo the long-awaited MediaSmart Server, based on the wildly popular Windows Home Server software from Microsoft.

This educational event will show you why the MediaSmart Server is the ultimate solution for:

  • Accessing your files easily and more securely over the internet
  • Sharing your life online with family and friends using HP Photo Webshare
  • Organizing your personal files and digital entertainment in one location
  • Protecting all of your digital media and documents

In addition to a live demonstration, you'll also hear from consumer technology industry experts, like Rob Enderle/The Enderle Group, Rick Doherty/Envisioneering, Paul Thurrott/SuperSite for Windows, and Ed Bott/ZDNet on how the explosion in media consumption is driving the need for the new home server category. Representatives from Microsoft will also be on-hand to respond directly to audience questions related to the new Windows Home Server software.

I can't actually discuss the product yet, but suffice to say it's absolutely excellent, which is why I agreed to be involved in the first place. (Full disclaimer: I'm not getting paid for this in any way.) I'm looking forward to reviewing it, and Windows Home Server.