Depending, of course, on how you measure such things:

365 days and 100 million licenses later, enthusiasm for a safe, reliable and engaging Windows Vista experience is high. In a roundtable Q&A, members of the Windows Vista team and others reflect on the past year and how Vista’s presence in the marketplace is maturing.

Neil Charney: Personally, I know that the test of anything new for me is: Would I go back to what I was using before? When it comes to Windows Vista, for me it’s emphatically no.

Today, Windows Vista supports over 43,000 hardware products, almost doubling the 23,000 thousand at launch.

Today more than 900 hardware partners have certified thousands of devices and hardware components for Windows Vista that support new innovations in graphics, networking and imaging. We now have 3,494 software and 3,360 hardware products available on retail shelves.