Here’s a beautiful video suggesting that widely reported stories about users being “baffled” by Windows 8 are FUD, plain and simple. As it turns out, Windows 8 is so easy even a three-year-old can use it.

Just because some people don’t understand Windows 8 doesn’t mean that all people don’t understand it. Even the current meme/article about this supposed problem, the Associated Press’ now classic Early look at Windows 8 baffles consumers, contains examples of people who simply don’t see why this is just a big deal.

What’s my point? That if the AP was shooting for intellectual honesty, that headline would have read, Early look at Windows 8 baffles some consumers, while others totally get it. But it’s not that headline because the one they used will drive more page views. The simple truth is that Windows 8 is a revolution, so there are changes. They are not insurmountable.

Just ask a three-year-old.

Thanks to Derk D. for pointing me to this video.