Once again, Microsoft has provided important firmware updates for its Surface tablets in tandem with its monthly Patch Tuesday updates. This month’s updates include the promised Type and Touch Cover updates on Surface RT and a camera update that improves low-light use on Surface Pro.

Here’s what’s been added in this month’s updates.

Surface RT firmware improvements

Update includes these firmware and performance improvements:

Surface Home button. Microsoft has provided a driver update that improves the reliability of the devices so that they always wake up immediately on the first button press.

Type and Type Cover. As previously announced, Microsoft has provided a firmware update for the Surface Type Cover and Surface Touch Cover that adds function keys toggling, new shortcuts, and helpful keyboard navigation improvements.

Surface Pro firmware improvements

Update includes driver and performance improvements including:

LifeCam. A new driver for the built-in cameras enhances clarity in low light situations and improves reliability when switching between the integrated camera and an external camera.

Good stuff. Don’t forget you can manually trigger firmware updates by searching for update from the Start screen and then choose Settings, Install optional updates. Today’s Surface RT firmware update won’t happen until you’ve installed three other sets of updates related to Patch Tuesday, so get ready to reboot four times.