Microsoft delivered two key apps for Windows Phone 8.1 that nicely round out the "One Windows" vision from an apps availability perspective: Both are available for Windows 8.1 already, and both are quite desirable additions to any Windows Phone user's app collection.

Reading List you may know because it also ships as part of Windows 8.1. This useful app can be used to bookmark articles from the web (using Internet Explorer 11 Modern), the Bing content apps (Finance, News, Health & Fitness and the like), and any other article-based apps that support the share contract. It works the same way in Windows Phone 8.1, and best of all it syncs through your Microsoft account, so that you can access articles you saved to Reading List on your PC with your phone. (And vice versa, of course.)

Movie Moments doesn't ship with Windows 8.1, but it's freely available on that platform as well.

It's a very basic video editor that can create 60 second versions of videos shot from your device, and you can add background music (of which Microsoft lets you download several free examples), add captions, and then share your creation through Facebook, email or anything else that works with Share in Phone. It's a neat little app and exactly what's needed for the types of short videos most people take on their phones.

I'm still testing these apps to see that everything works as advertised, but wanted to get them out there first.

You can download Reading List for Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows Phone Store.

You can download Movie Moments for Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows Phone Store.