Microsoft sent word today about two new Zune features.

Starting today, Zune will feature one of the most robust audio podcast catalogs available for streaming directly from your web browser – no need to connect to the Zune Marketplace. And, active participants in our forums can keep tabs on the latest Zune discussions by directly subscribing to a topic-based RSS feed.

Finally, Zune Social members can get competitive by testing their friends’ music knowledge through quizzes they create and associate with their profiles – artists listed as answers will be linked to artist pages so the music discovery never stops.

The Zune Insider blog as a bit more information:

Head on over to Http://Social.Zune.Net/Podcasts/ to try out the new streaming audio podcasts through your browser. We now have one of the largest streaming audio podcast catalogs - so go browse and enjoy. Also don't forget to create a music quiz - everyone is doing it, or so I hear.

You may continue to see some leftovers of the update last night like delayed play count data. This data is not being lost, it just may take a little longer to display. Thanks again for all your patience. The work we did on the backend will help the Zune service continue to grow and scale.