With last week's expansion of OneNote as a platform, Microsoft has added a nice new capability: You can now send email messages from your inbox to your OneNote-based notebooks.

To do so, you must first set up this functionality on OneNote.com. Navigate to the Email Settings page.

Sign in to the site with the Microsoft account that is associated with the OneNote notebook you wish to use. The site will present any email aliases you may have configured with your Microsoft account, which is a nice touch: You can determine which of the aliases will be configured to work. When you're done, click Save to continue.

Now you can begin sending emails to OneNote: Just send an email to me@onenote.com. And you can do so from whatever email client is handy: on the web, your phone, or wherever.

For example, using the Outlook.com web-based email client, I can forward an email.

And it appears in the Quick Notes notebook in OneNote.

Likewise, a new email message sent from the Mail app in Windows Phone also shows up as its own note in Quick Notes.

Here's how it works: the subject line of the email is used as the page title, with the body of the email of course added to the page notes. You can change either, of course, and if you send a rich email, it will be presented as a combination of text and graphics, not just as a single big graphic (as is the case with OneNote Clipper).