I made a guest-appearance on the Windows Developer Show this week with Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk. In this episode, Ryan and I berate Travis for cancelling an Xbox One pre-order. Don't worry, common sense wins the day.

Running time: 1:30:05

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Ryan Lowdermilk* (@ryanlowdermilk) -Ryan Lowdermilk is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft in Dallas, Texas. He educates and empowers developers to deliver first-class application experiences to the Windows ecosystem (cloud, mobile and modern).
Travis Lowdermilk* (@tlowdermilk) -Travis Lowdermilk is a UX Designer with Microsoft and is the author of User-Centered Design: A Developer’s Guide to Building User-Friendly Applications. Currently, he is pursuing a graduate degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the College of Digital Media, DePaul University.