In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss how Amazon's new Fire Phone compares to the coming 3D features in Windows Phone, Microsoft's Android patents are revealed, machine learning as a service, Surface Pro 3 is heading out to customers but no firmware update in sight, and some Xbox One news.

Running time: 1:55:11

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Bunch of software picks again

1. IE Developer Channel - nothing at all like the Chrome developer channel. Cough. But still a good idea.

2. Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8.x with major UI changes.

3. Skype for iPhone, now with a Windows Phone look and feel.

4. Kobo Books appears on Windows Phone (already on Windows 8, iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac/PC, and even Blackberry 10)

Enterprise pick of the week: Have input on Azure Pack

Want an Azure Pack feature: Weigh in

Codename pick of the week: Catapult

The Bing team is looking to a new FPGA architecture to speed up and improve efficiency of search results. The hardware/software fabric behind this is codenamed Catapult.

Beer pick of the week: Colorado Vixnu Double IPA

This beer, in spite of the name, is not from Colorado. It's from Brazil! And it's quite malty, so not a West Coast style DIPA at all.