Looks like there are Skype updates for everyone now: In the wake of Skype updates for Outlook.com and Windows 8.1, Microsoft today announced a major update to Skype for Xbox One as well.

According to Microsoft, this latest version of Skype for Xbox One includes the following improvements:

Improved chat. In keeping with the recent Skype updates for Outlook.com (see Microsoft Announces Worldwide Availability of Skype for Outlook.com) and Windows 8.1 (see Skype Modern App Updated), Skype for Xbox One has been updated with better device-to-device chat sync, push notifications and a longer chat history of up to 1,000 messages (compared to just the past 7 days previously).

Contact filtering. You can now filter contacts by who's online, like a big boy messaging app.

First time tutorial. New to Skype? Xbox One will hold your hand.

Emoticons from "Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier". Apparently it's a movie. For nerds.

Bug fixes. As you should expect, the new Skype for Xbox One fixes a number of bugs.

Skype for Xbox One required an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Of course it does.