With all the exciting news this week about new app updates for Windows 8 and RT, some users are complaining that the updates aren’t showing up automatically in Windows Store. No worries: If you know an update has occurred—perhaps because you read about it on this site or saw one of my tweets—but don’t see it in Windows Store, you can still download it manually.

Thanks to Matt S. who told me about this trick via email. I used this method to get the Xbox Music and Video updates this morning.

Here’s what to do:

Open Windows Store and display the app bar by tapping WINKEY + Z or right-clicking anywhere. Then, choose Your apps.

In the Your apps interface, select “All apps” from the filter box.

Then, locate the app you know was updated. Select it and choose Install from the app bar that appears.

Voila! You’ve received the new app update. No need to wait for Windows Store to catch-up.

Note: You can also check for updates from the App updates screen. Open Settings (WINKEY + I, or Charms, Settings) and then App updates.