Looks like it's not just the new Surface 2 tablets that are getting TV advertisements. Microsoft's first ad for Windows 8.1 is available too, touting one experience for everything in your life.

The Windows 8.1 ad was uploaded online after the first Surface 2 ad, Surface 2 Frames, which touts features of both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. But unlike with that ad, Microsoft didn't really have a lot of make-up work to do with Windows 8.1. (The first Surface ads were terrible.) So it focuses instead on the central theme of this release, which is to refine and improve the release it delivered a year ago and make it better for tablet and traditional PC users alike.

The ad touts the following Windows 8.1 features:

  • The ability to boot to the Start screen or the desktop, your choice.
  • New tile sizes, including Large and Small, offering new capabilities and new Start screen layout possibilities.
  • The ability to run productivity applications or games, or do both at the same time using Snap.
  • Simpler and easier.
  • Works with a Windows tablet, PC or Surface.

At 30 seconds, it's a short ad, but it fits a lot in and is obviously very upbeat. Looks good to me.