A new Reading View in Internet Explorer 11 makes reading web-based content better than ever. This handy new feature turns basic web pages into beautifully laid-out articles and will ship as part of the final Windows 8.1 release.

By default, IE 11 of course displays web pages normally. So a recent article on this site would display like so.

But a new Reading View feature, available via a button in the right side of the address bar, can remove the clutter and present just the article in a pleasant, horizontal layout that is not coincidentally similar to Read Mode in Microsoft Word 2013 or the article views in the Bing content apps like Bing News.

To toggle Reading View, just tap the button.

Reading View also appears to integrate with the new Reading List app in Windows 8.1: When you bookmark an article with this app from IE 11, it will display in Reading Mode later if you bookmarked it in this view.

I don’t see a similar Reading View feature in the desktop version of IE 11.