The first draft version of Paul Thurrott’s Guide to Windows Phone 8 is now complete. This update to the full book document adds an introduction to the previously completed first draft versions of 17 chapters.

With the introductory material complete, I can now turn my attention to a thorough review of the book and make any necessary content and screenshot edits to prepare the book for its final 1.0 release. I should finish that sometime this week.

It’s pretty clear that I’ve not achieved most of my goals for this book, but I’ll provide a bit more in the way of reminiscing when the 1.0 version is ready. For now, I’m just happy to have sort-of completed it, though of course more work needs to be done. As noted previously, a 1.1 update I expect to provide in August will include coverage of Nokia’s HERE mapping and location apps, for example.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Paul Thurrott's Guide to Windows Phone 8 First Draft (626 page PDF, 39.1 MB)