Another brilliant Microsoft web ad pokes fun at the incredibly expensive new Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone, pointing out that for its sticker shock price of $750, you could buy a great Windows Phone and $600 of other electronics, your choice.

Of course, to arrive at this set up, you have to grab a very specific handset, the Nokia Lumia 521, a T-Mobile-based smart phone that costs just $150 off-contract. I’m sure it’s a great entry-level phone—positive, in fact—but it doesn’t exactly compare head to head with the S4.

That said, with that additional $600, you could get 3 months of Xbox Music Pass ($30), a 16 GB USB memory key ($20), Monster Purity headphones ($100), and the ASUS Vivobook ($450), a touch screen-enabled Windows 8 Ultrabook. Total price: $750, the same as the Galaxy S4.

We all spend money differently. :)