Windows Phone Book Chapter 15, Capturing and Enjoying Photos, is now complete in first-draft form. It’s time to move on to other chapters, including the Music, Videos, and Podcasts chapter that’s based on the Windows Phone part of Xbox Music Book.

This update includes introductory and conclusion material, a tour of the Photos hub, a completed section about viewing your photo albums, an update to the Camera lenses section, system integration, and customization.

Time to move on to new content. In addition to pushing content from Xbox Music Book into the Music, Videos, and Podcasts chapter, I’ll probably start up a completely new chapter as well. Perhaps Internet Explorer or Email.

For now…

Download Capturing and Enjoying Photos 0.4

Download Windows Phone Book 0.016

Update: I just noticed that the previous full book had an incomplete Messaging chapter. Here's the fixed version:

Download Windows Phone Book 0.017