Here is a very early peek at the next chapter in Windows Phone book, Security + Networking. This chapter focuses features in Windows Phone 8 such as lock screen PIN, Wallet, Kid’s Corner, Find My Phone, and various networking features.

In its current form, Chapter 17: Security + Networking has only one semi-complete section, about Wallet. (Well, it’s “complete.” Maybe “rough” is a better word.) The other security features I intend to cover include lock screen PIN, Kid’s Corner, and Find My Phone, while the networking topics will include cellular broadband, Data Sense, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet sharing, Airplane mode, and international phone use. I suspect more topics will arise as I continue working on the chapter, and if you have any thoughts about what those can/should be, please do let me know.

On that note, feedback is always appreciated, of course.

With the book finally hitting the 500 page mark, I decided to temporarily strip out the chapter placeholders (for chapters 1, 2, and 18) so that this document is representative only of what’s complete. I will of course add them back as those chapters are written.

Download Security + Networking 0.1(14 page PDF, 1.57 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.053(499 page PDF, 31.4 MB)