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Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 16:26

"You want the start button back? Fine, we'll put start buttons EVERYWHERE!"

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 13:21

I think that is exactly what he's implying, though maybe he didn't realise that the VivoTab Smart featured in the commercial IS an Atom machine, because they make no mention of being able to run...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 14:20

In what way are the Win32 UI changes "relatively drastic" between XP, Vista, 7 and 8? You realize that current versions of OS X are almost completely different than what OS X looked like at launch...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 16:25

Xbox Music - A Paul Thurrott Pocket Guide

This way it could be somewhat similar to the "...For Dummies" books in that the subject of the book comes first and almost looks like the full...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 14:02

It's pretty much exactly what Apple is already doing. They still just call it OS X, and OS X Apps despite the fact that it's really 10.6.8 "Mountain Lion" or whatever.

Monday, March 25, 2013 - 13:34

Yeah, the functionality is there and they have it in-place in some places, so the real question is why aren't the teams working on these "core" applications exploiting features available in the...

Monday, March 25, 2013 - 12:44

You can drag tiles around on the start screen.

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 22:47

What's so bad about MetroTwit? The desktop version is better, sure, but the metro app is perfectly usable.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 18:57

Flash couldn't die too soon in my opinion, but this does give the Surface a pretty big advantage over iOS based devices, so it's not hard to see why Microsoft did it.

Browser plugins on the...

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 17:07

You're losing WinRT's battery life savings by the very nature of running more things concurrently, and not suspending them when you switch away.

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 12:37

Yes, WinRT is built on top of COM, which is built on top of Win32, but that doesn't change my point: they are likely exposing vulnerabilities that don't exist in a stock Windows 8 install by...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 18:17

I wouldn't be surprised if it DOES break the sandboxing and security of the WinRT API by exposing it to the old Win32 runtime, but Stardock doesn't really have to care about that in the same way...

Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 13:39

I used the metro Skype app to stay in contact with a client during a late-night release of his new website recently, and I have to say, having the app in the snapped mode while using the desktop...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 15:06

Don't worry, Blue is going to Fix All the Problems™

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 13:12

I converted to from GMail a couple months ago, mostly due to being fed up with Google's constant need to shove everyone into Google+ and all their other services.

I've been...

Sunday, February 17, 2013 - 19:43

But do they actually *use* it, or are they just logged in because Windows XP badgered them into setting up an account and starting messenger at logon? I don't know a single person who uses...

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 12:33

It's because "clicking" in the keyboard is a distillation of the fact that it's both a tablet and a full PC. You can use it as a consumption-based device in tablet mode, and also "click in and do...

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 11:29

I'm just impressed that they're actually referring to it as Surface Pro and not "Surface Windows 8 Pro" or whatever other clunky name they were tossing around.

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 23:41

If it's possible to set the desktop scaling value with a batch file or a PowerShell script, you could probably create a scheduled task that fires when you attach your USB docking device and...

Monday, February 4, 2013 - 18:18

Yeah, it's easy to say that everything would have worked out perfectly and been a huge success had they done it in the reverse order, but it does make more sense as a transition to introduce the...

Monday, January 7, 2013 - 12:47

What about aero glass?

Monday, January 7, 2013 - 12:00

Any application that you might want to keep running in the background makes more sense as a desktop application since WinRT apps are forced to sleep when you switch away.

For instance, if...

Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 13:49

I assume being very careful about where they invest and going where the users go means they're shutting down Google+ effective immediately?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 10:18
It's a shame, because the Zune software and devices are so good. Obviously a lot of that design and functionality has been transitioned to Windows Phone, but it's just a shame because (as you...
Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 09:21
I'm shocked they aren't closing Orkut, especially now that Google+ is in the wild. Why do they need two social media platforms? Not to mention Google Buzz. So much overlap.
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 15:05
I think touch was most likely one of the main drivers of adding the ribbon UI to Explorer. Granted, you'll be much less likely to even launch the full Explorer if you're on a tablet or what...
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 11:29
From the sound of it, the new Windows 8 "Start Screen" is shaping up to essentially be Microsofts version of those Linux-based "instant-on" operating systems that a lot of vendors...
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 03:55

Paying for ad-supported video services is precisely the reason I can't wrap my head around people paying for cable TV. I grew up in the country where we couldn't get cable TV so the idea of paying...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 - 09:41
My only problem with the Zune software is that I wish it offered a bit more granular control over the way that ID tags are created and how it sorts your MP3s into folders, etc. So I'm stuck using...
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 - 03:58
I don't see why they should have to remove IE completely by default, nobody's calling on Apple to not bundle Safari with their OS. As stated above, it would make things needlessly complex as far as...

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