Microsoft Band Apps – The April Sequel Commented on: 14 weeks ago (April 16, 2015)

good to see that Microsoft finally has a product that can add apps to the store because it is selling so devs will build for it. Means more apps for our little store. Now once Xbox opens up and...

Microsoft unveils new OneNote in Education website Commented on: 17 weeks ago (March 30, 2015)

It would be nice to see the same stylus support with one note on a future windows phablet

Possible Smartphone Models Included in Next Windows 10 Build Commented on: 17 weeks ago (March 29, 2015)

I have an unlocked 8x myself thinking we may get an open update hopefully this spring

Android apps on Windows Phone are still a thing apparently Commented on: 18 weeks ago (March 26, 2015)

I would be if they could work fast, smooth, and are vastly updated. If they could be universal and come from the windows store for less leg work, maximize security, and of course integrate into...

Microsoft clarifies roles for IE and Project Spartan in Windows 10 Commented on: 18 weeks ago (March 26, 2015)

So why not keep internet explorer in pro, enterprise, and server editions and remove it from home edition to simply it. Make Spartan the default across the board

Fixing Mail, Calendar and People for Windows 10 Build 10041 Commented on: 18 weeks ago (March 20, 2015)

this popped up in Powershell Get-appxprovisionedpackage : An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect for
At line:1 char:1
+ Get-appxprovisionedpackage –online | where-...

Project Milkyway: Microsoft’s plan to get Windows 10 on mobile devices 4-6 weeks after launch Commented on: 19 weeks ago (March 18, 2015)

This could mean that windows 10 will be released to RTM early and will get carrier approval and deployment before official release date

Cortana Headed to Android and iOS Commented on: 19 weeks ago (March 13, 2015)

So why keep windows phone if all the features are now on android and ios

Microsoft prepares to crank up the Windows Insider build speed Commented on: 19 weeks ago (March 13, 2015)

Microsoft hates the number 13 so releasing it tomorrow might not happen in just saying

What Microsoft Band Apps are already available for Windows Phone? Commented on: 20 weeks ago (March 12, 2015)

So not really any health or fitness apps yet to take advantage of this thing, that sucks

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