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Windows 9 Technical Preview Video Leaks: An Analysis Commented on: 4 days ago (September 12, 2014)

'(I was told the Start menu could be made full screen and would then work like the Start screen.)'

I hope they keep it working this way. It seems like the best of both worlds. When I'm...

Windows 9 Technical Preview Screenshots Leak: An Analysis (Part 1) Commented on: 5 days ago (September 11, 2014)

Love the Sanford & Son reference. ;-)

Microsoft China: Windows 9 is "Coming Soon" Commented on: 1 week ago (September 9, 2014)

"I personally favor calling it Windows AE (Apology Edition)."

Cute, but too ambiguous. That could just as easily be Windows 7 or Windows XP. There's just way too many mistakes to...

A Charmless "Threshold" with Virtual Desktops? Commented on: 5 weeks ago (August 9, 2014)

You say that as if Microsoft is one big unified entity. The group in charge of Windows now is completely different than the group that originally designed these.

I neither loved nor...

HTC Will Give Windows Phone Fans What They've Always Wanted Commented on: 6 weeks ago (August 4, 2014)

I like that. The "HTC One - Wait..." Cute.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1: Internet Explorer Commented on: 6 weeks ago (August 1, 2014)

You do realize, don't you, that your statements are not mutually exclusive? iPhone/iOS has a huge install base, so even a small percentage of that install base is still a huge number of people....

WPC 2014: Microsoft's Chromebook Counterattack Commented on: 9 weeks ago (July 15, 2014)

"Many people—most people, perhaps—don't need any of that stuff. "

This is such a key point. I would submit that it's the main reason for the decline of the PC market. (I call it more of a...

Looking for Strategy as Microsoft Enters FY15 Commented on: 9 weeks ago (July 11, 2014)

That was my take too. Regardless of any significant strategy clues, my sense of the letter was:

"Microsoft is mine now. I'm not a Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates wannabe. This is the...

Microsoft Works to Get Windows 8/RT Users Updated to 8.1 Commented on: 10 weeks ago (July 1, 2014)

I wouldn't have any issue with them releasing an update through the store as long as it worked smoothly. That one didn't. It was a total pain. It didn't work, then it sort of worked and after a...

Start Menu Will Replace Start Screen in Threshold Commented on: 10 weeks ago (July 1, 2014)

I'm right there with you. I have questions, but I will reserve judgment till I see it. That said, I tend to trust Terry Myerson and his group more than the dictatorial Steven Sikorsky and his...

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