Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display First Impressions and Photos Commented on: 43 weeks ago (November 20, 2013)

Funny how Apple fan-boys always complain and say you are biased but when you write good reviews about Apple products they don't stop here to comment...

Sony PlayStation 4: First Impressions and Photos Commented on: 44 weeks ago (November 16, 2013)

Paul, please, start to upload images in better quality, the images that you upload are extreme pixelated.

Assessing the Chromebook Threat Commented on: 46 weeks ago (October 31, 2013)

I think you should learn how to use computers, I never had to "run antimalware, defrag and registry doctor on it regularly to keep it in good shape" and my Windows 8 Computer boots in seconds not...

Windows 8.1 Tip: Download a Windows 8.1 ISO with a Windows 8 Product Key Commented on: 48 weeks ago (October 20, 2013)

Paul, Do you know how to fix this error? Thanks.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop First Impressions and Photos Commented on: 1 year ago (August 29, 2013)

Paul, take a look at this mouse: "". It is horrible but he was "developed with scientific background, and
in full compliance with ergonomic and orthopedic...

SuperSite Flashback: In the Beginning, There Was NT 5.0 Commented on: 1 year ago (August 4, 2013)

I also can't wait for the longhorn videos, I just have the old ones you posted and the quality is horrible.
Sometimes I go to WayBackMachine to see old webpage:


Hands-On with Windows 8.1: Xbox Music App Commented on: 1 year ago (June 28, 2013)

Paul, When you search for an artist in the Start Screen and click "play artist" new information is displayed in the Start Screen, like a mini player, is it new or was it already available in 8.0...

Hands-On with Windows 8.1: Use Desktop Wallpaper on the Start Screen Commented on: 1 year ago (June 26, 2013)

What happens when I use slide show images as wallpapers?The start screen background changes?

Windows 8.1 Preview Screenshots, Part 2 Commented on: 1 year ago (June 26, 2013)

Paul, Why don't you upload the "originals" (not cropped/converted) screenshots? Maybe in Flickr since they have 1TB for free. Anyway thanks for the articles.

Xbox Music Book 1.4 Commented on: 1 year ago (June 23, 2013)

Paul, Can you do a version for the Kindle? I use Calibre to convert but I think you can do a better job than me =).

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