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There's a Velociraptor in my PC Commented on: 8 years ago (September 1, 2008) DrWam, my experience of EVGA has been very very good.
Microsoft SkyLine, SkyMarket and SkyBox Commented on: 8 years ago (August 31, 2008) I can't imagine that MS will use Sky as a major branding, surely Sky television in Europe would have something to say about that?
Microsoft continues trying to 'spoil' Apple's iPod Day 2008(tm)!!! Commented on: 8 years ago (August 30, 2008) launch of one of the most important political campaigns? what are you on about?
Say goodbye to laser ... and, for Mac fanatics, to sanity Commented on: 8 years ago (August 27, 2008) Lindy, you do realise that the blog post was attacking apple fanatics, not apple users, or apple, the company, right?
Microsoft discusses first IE 8 Beta 2 feature: InPrivate Browsing Commented on: 8 years ago (August 25, 2008) @mum Touche :D
Vista Annoyances Resolved Commented on: 8 years ago (August 25, 2008) why isn't there an audio recording program similar to garageband natively in windows? Erm, there isn't one in OSX either, is there? I thought it was a part of i-life, which is free with new macs, but...
Windows, not Walls Commented on: 8 years ago (August 22, 2008) Hmm, I'm not sure this will go down to well outside of the US. Seinfeld isn't what you could call a comedy legend in the UK. In fact, i reckon they should have gone more for the likes of Jimmy Carr,...
Who's adopting Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008? Commented on: 8 years ago (August 21, 2008) Damned if you do, damned if you don't, damned if you're Microsoft, not if you're not.
Photosynth comes out of the lab Commented on: 8 years ago (August 21, 2008) So, is the end goal to get pictures from all over the world, to crate a virtual 3d planet that you can look at from almost any angle? Also, what happened to the research project that would take...
PlayStation 3 may never turn a profit, developer says Commented on: 8 years ago (August 20, 2008) Lotsa, that is a fantastic parallell! I've never actually laguhed out loud at a post here before! Genius!

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