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Windows 10 Registry Tweaks for Hidden Features Commented on: 2 years ago (January 27, 2015)

The dword for the tray clock is:




Sony PlayStation 4 Review Commented on: 3 years ago (November 22, 2013)

"For the Xbox faithful, there's previous little pull here"

Did you mean precious little pull?

Microsoft Further Discusses Windows 8's Boot Process Commented on: 6 years ago (September 21, 2011) @yoshipod I can't say for the updates, but I did the full shutdown that MS explained on my laptop and the start time was only 2 secs longer.
Sinofsky: Why Windows 8 Brings a "No Compromise, Reimagined" Windows Commented on: 6 years ago (August 31, 2011) I'm not sure why Paul adores this new UI so much. I'm one of those who doesn't get it. I'm not convinced that just because something has been around a while it's suddenly not...
Daily Update: Apple Hilarity, W3C and Do Not Track Commented on: 6 years ago (March 2, 2011) I have to admit that the one thing holding me back from an iPhone (besides being on Sprint's network) has been the screen size. When I hold my Epic's 4 inch screen next to an iPhone, I have no...
SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 10, 2010 Commented on: 6 years ago (November 12, 2010)

@SPoitr '" iPad pricing starts at $499. That’s actually quite aggressive for Apple. In fact, that’s pretty amazing. So good for them. "

Paul Thurrott,  January 27 2010'

You quote out...

Before Black Ops: Remembering Call of Duties Past Commented on: 6 years ago (November 9, 2010) @Gorath Heavens yes. Descent is what brought me into PC gaming. Awesome game (look at it lately? How did even can barely distinguish the textures now).
SuperSite Blog Daily Update: September 28, 2010 Commented on: 7 years ago (September 29, 2010) You can hide the ribbon in all versions of office.
Internet Explorer 9 Beta Now Available Commented on: 7 years ago (September 15, 2010) Paul, can the tabs be moved to either top or bottom of address bar?
Xbox Live Prices Going Up, Renew Now to Save Commented on: 7 years ago (August 31, 2010) I'm not happy with this decision either. I'm hoping that $99 family pack will help me. I have 4 accounts now, one for me and my 3 sons. I see no benefit whatsoever in what they are claiming.

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