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New Windows 7 Offers Commented on: 5 years ago (May 11, 2010) Microsoft's version of a "Blue Light Special"
Q1 2010 PC Market Share Commented on: 6 years ago (April 15, 2010) pthurrott said: "rr0de74, the iPad would get slaughtered against netbooks no matter how long the time period. When we look back on this year, netbooks will outsell the iPad by a huge, huge margin...
Microsoft and Slave Labor Commented on: 6 years ago (April 15, 2010) If a company plays in the market of "cheapest product available", does that not encourage this type of behavior? It is the consumer that should take some responsibility for this, by not demanding...
Everything in Moderation. Including this Blog Commented on: 6 years ago (April 11, 2010) I look forward to see what you choose to allow or not. I know at times I've been critical, but not what I would consider stupid.
iPad: That's What I Said Commented on: 6 years ago (April 6, 2010) Paul, You have no credibility at all. You release the blog where you trash the new iPad. On Windows Weekly you tell Leo that yes you bought a iPad for watching movies. In your blog you complain that...
Tim Bray Joins Google Android Team, Lashes Out at Apple Commented on: 6 years ago (March 15, 2010) I wonder why he waited so long to share his feelings about Apple. Maybe they really aren't his feelings and this is what he is now paid to do. That's credibility for you.
Insane Blogger Fools Reporter, Gets Fired Commented on: 6 years ago (February 22, 2010) Yes, one should be fired for lying to us about Windows. Although maybe it is a bit of an over reaction since no one got fired for lying about WMD's. Then again we all know what is important here.
Here It Is: The Browser Ballot Screen Commented on: 6 years ago (February 19, 2010) Keleko said: Which browser is the "hopey changey" one? I want to vote for that one. ---------------- The level of political helplessness has now reached a new level in the U.S.
Windows Phones 7 Series Commented on: 6 years ago (February 15, 2010) I just read another article on this. Apparently MS will be responsible for developing the "soft" keyboard. Wow, the keyboard is not even done and MS is announcing this. Typical. The article also...
Windows 7 Secrets is Currently 47 Percent Off at Commented on: 6 years ago (February 9, 2010) Not too big to fail, too big to succeed.

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