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Compete Report: Apple iOS 7 Commented on: 4 years ago (September 19, 2013)

Nice review... I agree with you.

Metro (yeah, I said it) could use a level of visual maturity that iOS7 brought to iOS6. I've been using Windows Phone for a few years now and it could use...

Microsoft by (Some of) the Numbers Commented on: 4 years ago (August 12, 2013)

"250 million. Number of Windows Store app downloads"

Soo... didn't they just announce 2 billion Windows Phone Store downloads? And the last 1 Billion only took 6 months. That's a much...

Microsoft Reverses Course on Xbox One Policies Commented on: 4 years ago (June 20, 2013)

I was really looking forward to never having to get off my couch again to put a disc in the tray.

Couldn't they have added an "If" statement for whiners that checked for a disc if there...

Surface RT + Outlook 2013 RT … + More? Commented on: 4 years ago (June 18, 2013)


I'm pretty sure that with Outlook and Visio + Word, PPT, Excel, and OneNote, I could go a few days without needing other apps.

In Blue: Start Experience Changes Commented on: 4 years ago (May 29, 2013)

The background looks GREAT! Why can't we do this with Windows Phone?!!!

Mini-Tablets Will Not Take Over Windows Ecosystem This Year Commented on: 4 years ago (May 28, 2013)

Yeah, I think the obsession with Mini-tablets is because they are filling a price gap that people were expecting RT devices to fill.

$600 for a base Surface RT (no one buys these things...

A Theory about the Office on iPad Schedule Commented on: 4 years ago (April 10, 2013)

Also interesting is that Outlook RT is scheduled for October, 2014.

Could this timing indicate an update to Windows which would remove the desktop in certain SKUs (such as RT)?


Windows 8 Calendar App and the Great Google Flip-Flop Commented on: 4 years ago (March 27, 2013)

I'm sure this is because Google not only killing EAS support but also CalDAV for calendar. Google made an announcement (hidden alongside the death of Google Reader) that they are no longer...

Going Pro: Trouble in Paradise Commented on: 4 years ago (February 15, 2013)

So basically the Surface RT saved your trip! ;)

are you second guessing your initial review of the RT?

Office for iPad: Yes or No? Commented on: 4 years ago (January 30, 2013)

Yes... Office for iPad would expose the 1 major flaw of the iPad, it's a consumption device. MS's tablet strategy has been to make the tablet more productive, with touch keyboards, mouse pointer...

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