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Kindle on Fire Through the Holidays Commented on: 5 years ago (December 29, 2011) Even with its flaws (which aren't many), it's a great device, especially for creatures like me.
Daily Update: Google's Do Not Track Solution, Apple Stuff, Crysis 2 Demo, More Commented on: 6 years ago (January 25, 2011) Well done, Paul!
Microsoft's 11th Hour Fix for Vail Beta Users Commented on: 6 years ago (January 11, 2011) Are you jaded, Paul, because MSFT doesn't connect with you, or does MSFT fail to connect with you because you're jaded? LOL.
SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 30, 2010 Commented on: 6 years ago (December 30, 2010) The iPad screen is difficult, if not impossible, to read in direct sunlight, as are all such tablets and smartphones. But most people, contrary to Paul's opinion, didn't buy the iPad to use on the...
SuperSite Blog Daily Update: September 23, 2010 Commented on: 6 years ago (December 30, 2010) Paul, the font size is too small for me.
I wonder how long you're going to write egregious things about the innovative iPad, and by extention, imply that consumers of it are stupid?
Amazon Calls Kindle a Best Seller But Still Declines to Reveal Sales Figures Commented on: 7 years ago (November 30, 2009) I agree with ther comment above; the KIndle for PC is much more to my liking. I don't have MS, but I do have decreasing eyesight. I need something that is backlighted, but that is adjustable. The...
Amazon Updates Kindle 2: Now with 85 Percent Better Battery Life and Native PDF Support Commented on: 7 years ago (November 24, 2009) I own a Kindle 2. I am older than almost all folks, so I have to say it's not the best for me. I see pages better on the iPhone app. I also don't like the glare it reflects when I light up the...
Microsoft Signature Software Commented on: 7 years ago (October 28, 2009) The reason that it is unlikely that we'll see a lot of the aforementioned apps is because of legal issues.
Finally, Some Answers to Windows 7 Upgrade Questions Commented on: 7 years ago (October 27, 2009) I'm sorry, but I fail to see what all the fuss is about. Even if the consumer bought the "upgrade" version, Paul writes how to get around it for a new install. So, who's complaining and why?
Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media: The Answer Commented on: 7 years ago (October 23, 2009) For the writer who referred to OEM as an acronym: It is not an acronym; it is an abbreviation. You pronounce acronyms like you pronounce a word. You spell out an abbreviation. NASA is an acronym...

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