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Windows 10 Tip: Pin Universal Apps to the Desktop Commented on: 1 week ago (October 13, 2014)

"I've been putting actual files on the desktop for years. Try it!"

You do realize there is a difference between

a) Tiles
b) Files?

Windows 10 Tip: Customize the Start Menu (Part 2) Commented on: 1 week ago (October 11, 2014)

For the menu resizing to work your taskbar needs to be at the bottom of the screen. It doesn't work in any other position.

Here are the Top User Requests for Windows 10 Commented on: 1 week ago (October 8, 2014)

This is saddening. Top user requests are: animations. Wallpaper. Boot screen. BOOT SCREEN?! How often do you even see one? How often does one reboot these days? What is it, the 90s?


Windows 10 Tip: Switch Between Open Apps and Desktops Commented on: 2 weeks ago (October 5, 2014)

It might be worth adding that the primary difference between ALT+TAB and WIN+TAB is:

ALT+TAB: displays windows opened on ALL your desktops
WIN+TAB: displays windows opened ONLY on...

Live from San Francisco: It's the Future of Windows Commented on: 3 weeks ago (September 29, 2014)

Paul, could you please list (from now on) GMT/UTC event times for your international readers?

Windows 9 Technical Preview Virtual Desktops and Notification Center Video Leaks: An Analysis Commented on: 5 weeks ago (September 14, 2014)

The "virtual desktop" button, being a "system feature", not an "app" per se, should go into the system tray.

Also, I wonder if "legacy" applications will take advantage of the Notif. Center...

Windows 9 Technical Preview Video Leaks: An Analysis Commented on: 5 weeks ago (September 12, 2014)

There is a new video showing off the Start Menu without live tiles (at winfuture)

Also, there are THREE types of context menus in this video:

1. classic menu when right clicking...

Windows Phone 8.1 Tip: Manage the Navigation Bar, Part 2 Commented on: 6 weeks ago (September 3, 2014)

Are you saying... They're out of touch?

Chrome for Windows is Now Available in 64-Bit Version Commented on: 7 weeks ago (August 27, 2014)

Grreat, now it can steal even more memory :>

Coming Soon: Threshold Public Preview Commented on: 9 weeks ago (August 18, 2014)

First of all, you are not seeing "all" screenshots. That's the same and only one screenshot. And not an actual one. It's a mockup UI. I guess nobody outside MS knows what the "All apps" button...

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