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Beats Music for Windows Phone 8 Commented on: 32 weeks ago (January 30, 2014)

Another US only service. In the great traditions of Zune, Pandora, podcast support ... all of which were exclusive to the USA.

We should be at the stage where Internet services are...

"Threshold" to be Called Windows 9, Ship in April 2015 Commented on: 35 weeks ago (January 11, 2014)

Windows 8 was a new 'Vista' - damning praise indeed.

They have a problem with Windows because normal people have never really bought Windows. Retail Windows has been for the tech savvy and...

Xbox Music for Windows Phone 8 Commented on: 38 weeks ago (December 18, 2013)

The app seems to be a collection of features that Xbox Music subscribers have been complaining don't work for about a year now. So it's a welcome update. A bit strange that I now seem to have two...

Microsoft Delays Live Game Broadcasting for Xbox One Commented on: 42 weeks ago (November 19, 2013)

Strangely enough Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox 360 has removed posting video to Youtube after introducing it in the previous versions.

Cynics might think that since this is a 'feature'...

Final Nail in the Zune Coffin: Xbox Video Content Disappearing in February Commented on: 44 weeks ago (November 10, 2013)

Of course Microsoft had to do it. Zune was legacy equipment. I am in the UK and I have never seen a Zune because it was only sold in the USA so on a worldwide basis the market is very small.

A New Xbox One Blunder: Call of Duty Ghosts Will Only Run at 720p Commented on: 45 weeks ago (November 3, 2013)

Supply of consoles seems to be a bit of a blunder too. I pre-ordered and Xbox One a couple of months ago and now I have an email saying they cant guarantee delivery on the 22nd.

So I just...

Surface 2 Review Commented on: 45 weeks ago (October 29, 2013)

I think the app issue and ecosystem is still a problem. The bigger problem I see is price.

It is simply too expensive. Particularly since the selling point is the productivity software that...

Why Microsoft Didn't Make a Bay Trail Surface Commented on: 47 weeks ago (October 21, 2013)

All that may be true. However this effectively means a jump for the current Windows user on the desktop to the 'new Windows' of Metro.

The question then becomes; What is the compelling...

Windows 8.1 Retail Media Commented on: 47 weeks ago (October 18, 2013)

I agree with you on the price of Windows 8.1.

I believe the question for me is in an era when you can get a tablet at the price of Windows 8.1 Pro who is going to buy this at full retail...

Windows 8.1 Upgrade Woes Commented on: 47 weeks ago (October 18, 2013)

This seems to be becoming an issue for me too. My PC upgraded first time. However my wife had a HP laptop that was Windows 7 and is now Windows 8.

The upgrade failed with the error...

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