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In Blue: Automatic Desktop Display Scaling Commented on: 4 years ago (May 3, 2013)

Probably doesn't require a reboot, but for you to log off and log back on. Windows has always required you to do that even when you change the DPI settings when you have just one display.

Nokia Was Right to Bet on Windows Phone Commented on: 4 years ago (April 18, 2013)

The sad thing about the US market is because of the way subsidies work, it never makes sense to get anything but a "high-end" device when you consider "saving" $200 on what it's a $2500 2-year...

What’s Happening with Outlook RT? Commented on: 4 years ago (April 4, 2013)

It's not that hard for the Outlook app to ask for a login for Office 365 otherwise it won't run.

Blue’s Clues: WebGL Support in IE 11 Commented on: 4 years ago (March 30, 2013)

I wouldn't be surprised if WebGL is enabled for Windows Phone 8, thus allowing for super easy porting of iOS/Android games to Windows Phone for those not written using any middleware.

Windows 8/RT App Update: Mail Commented on: 4 years ago (March 25, 2013)

I strongly doubt you are ever going to see POP3 support, simply because its not a cloud-based technology. Besides, typing all of your email to a single device is absolutely idiotic in this day and...

JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia Review Commented on: 4 years ago (March 16, 2013)

I wish the speaker doubled as an alarm clock as well.

Microsoft Sweetens Office 365 Deal for Students Commented on: 4 years ago (March 11, 2013)

Hmm.. I already paid, I wonder if I get the extra time.

Also, the website says you get 3 months free just by redeeming the offer and 3 more months if you share on Facebook. Maybe that's...

Windows Phone Device Stats: March 2013 Commented on: 4 years ago (March 5, 2013)

Makes me wonder how well Windows Phone 8 would be doing if there were a high-end Nokia device on Verizon and Sprint.

Going Pro: Surface Pen Commented on: 4 years ago (February 19, 2013)

It's really hard to call the richest man in the world "overrated" and maintain some type of credibility Paul.

iSuppli: Surface Dogged by Low Sales, High Returns Commented on: 4 years ago (January 31, 2013)

Needs significantly faster CPU, GPU, and a 1080p screen (Sorry Paul, you might not be able to tell, but I definitely can).

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