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Windows 8.1 Update 1 Review Commented on: 5 days ago (April 11, 2014)

Anyone else notice this bit of hilarity? The Windows 8 Skydrive app hadn't been renamed to OneDrive. With this update it has but it's still in it's place in the "S" section even though it's name...

Microsoft Announces Xbox Video, SmartGlass Improvements Commented on: 2 weeks ago (April 1, 2014)

I used to buy most of my videos on Xbox Video. Then when I got the Xbox One I noticed several of my movies were missing. For example, Star Trek (2009) bought in 2010. Still available for sale on...

What the Tech 204: Titanfall Disease Commented on: 4 weeks ago (March 13, 2014)

Regarding Paul's comments that he wishes Microsoft Games would go platform agnostic like Sega did, look how that worked out for them. A console system's best games always come from the first party...

In Praise of the Nokia Lumia 520 Commented on: 29 weeks ago (September 19, 2013)

Now that Microsoft Points has been folded into Windows Phone 8's Microsoft Account, you can also buy pre-paid Xbox cards to pay for the apps. Great for the security conscious or parents who want...

Microsoft Points Be Gone: The Xbox 360 Transition Commented on: 33 weeks ago (August 27, 2013)

Microsoft confirmed that existing points cards will still work and just be instantly converted to currency. They had also said that sometime soon points cards at retailer will be phased out for...

Windows Phone 8 App Pick: Pandora Commented on: 1 year ago (March 21, 2013)

Never understood what the big deal was about Pandora. From the beginning all Windows Phone users already had ad-free music with the app. Nokia users have Nokia Music too.

Here Comes Windows Phone 7.8! Commented on: 1 year ago (January 30, 2013)

I have no faith that Sprint will give their HTC Arrive customers this update. Their lack of support is why I won't be staying with Sprint even if they get Windows Phone 8 by the time my contract...

Sleeping with the Enemy: Amazon MP3 Store Now Optimized for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Commented on: 1 year ago (January 19, 2013)

It drives me nuts that in Audible's TV ads, they list iTunes and Google Play but not the logo for Windows Phone, even though there's an Audible Windows Phone app available.

Microsoft PLAY: Xbox Games on Windows 8 Commented on: 1 year ago (January 17, 2013)

Microsoft has always been horrible at branding. PLAY is just confusing, even to long time Xbox LIVE users. And I've been with Xbox LIVE on Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, and Windows Phone. Even the all caps...

The Next Mini-Book: Xbox Music Commented on: 1 year ago (December 25, 2012)

Annoys me when tech sites or mainstream press talk about where to download music and they always say iTunes, sometimes Amazon, but they ever mentioned or Xbox Music as it's now called.

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