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Rethinking the Home Server Commented on: 11 weeks ago (February 2, 2014)

I've been using a simple 2-bay Synology NAS (DS213) for about a year and am very happy with it. I like the fact that it small, quiet, and has low energy consumption. The admin console is accessed...

Google Chromecast Review Commented on: 12 weeks ago (January 27, 2014)

Although I don't own one, this is my understanding of how chromecast streaming currently works too.

I do hope they add the ability to mirror local content from your device though. For...

SkyDrive Becomes OneDrive Commented on: 12 weeks ago (January 27, 2014)

Excellent name.

Surely even Microsoft can't screw up the fantastic promotional opportunity that this name lends itself to. Surely.

Android for the Windows Guy: Microsoft Apps Commented on: 12 weeks ago (January 25, 2014)

"Skype Wi-Fi app that helps you automatically connected to Skype Wi-Fi hotspots and use your Skype credit to pay for Wi-Fi-based calls by the minute."

It looks like the app enables for...

Thinking About the Windows 2-In-1 PC Commented on: 13 weeks ago (January 23, 2014)

I'd fall on the PC-based hybrid side, basically using the machine as a traditional laptop and then flipping the screen over when I want to make handwritten notes, annotations, or sketches with an...

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Preview: Now with More Integration Commented on: 13 weeks ago (January 22, 2014)

I dislike switching from the desktop to the start screen when I want to check if my live tiles (particularly email) are showing new items.

When it comes to desktop-metro integration, one...

Microsoft Extends Anti-Malware Support for Windows XP Commented on: 14 weeks ago (January 16, 2014)

@DaveNestor: Take the machine/s offline?

Cheap vs. Good Value Commented on: 14 weeks ago (January 13, 2014)

Although I can't see myself using a Chromebook, based on what I've read online (not tried one yet myself) I'm not so dismissive of their value for casual home PC users. I offer a few comments on...

2013 PC Sales: Down But Not Out Commented on: 14 weeks ago (January 13, 2014)

The reports on this we're referring to US rather than global market. The analysts also contradicted each other - one said increase, the other said decline.

Moto G: Close, But Not Quite Commented on: 14 weeks ago (January 10, 2014)

Don't know about crisis averted. In my country (UK), Lumia 520 is now down to 4th on Amazon's best-seller list for SIM-free smartphones. Both Moto G models sit above it.

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