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Microsoft Delivers Reading List, Movie Moments Apps for Windows Phone 8.1 Commented on: 17 weeks ago (May 1, 2014)

Can someone post a use case for the reading list because I'm struggling to understand it's use. It seems that it's basically a list of links, unless I'm missing something. it doesn't download/...

Windows Phone 8.1 Review Commented on: 20 weeks ago (April 14, 2014)

"Plus, anyone can download Pro camera and make it the default camera app if they wish."

Just a quick FYI - you can only download Nokia Pro Camera if you have a Lumia. I have a 8x and it's...

28 Days Later: Xbox One Commented on: 23 weeks ago (March 24, 2014)

To be fair, I don't remember either console reveal saying they would do very much that's 'revolutionary'. Xbox promised TV, voice commands and gaming, PlayStation offered more gaming and vita...

Surface Power Cover First Impressions and Photos Commented on: 23 weeks ago (March 20, 2014)

My guess is that they were thinking anyone that was so concerned with battery life to buy this thing @ $200 (which is insane) wouldn't want the backlight (because...POWER!!).

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Review Commented on: 25 weeks ago (March 7, 2014)

Simple, the money they would be saving on screen hardware they're using to pay MS for licensing.

Xbox One March 2014 System Update Commented on: 25 weeks ago (March 5, 2014)

Paul, have you noticed any settings to allow automatic sign in without using Kinect? I've dis-kinected and moved my XBO to my PC monitor and now I must sign in before doing anything.

PlayStation 4 at 6 Million: What?! Commented on: 25 weeks ago (March 4, 2014)

I think this is almost like the 52x vs 1020. MS trying to be high-end/premium and Sony going for the low end. And just like the 52x, the PS4 is selling gangbusters.

If you listened to any...

Windows Weekly 349: Windroid 8.1 Commented on: 28 weeks ago (February 14, 2014)

I would really like to know why everyone loves android so much. What killer app am I missing that makes android so great? I have a galaxy and it's nice but most of the stuff on the store is...

What the Heck is Happening to Windows? Commented on: 29 weeks ago (February 10, 2014)

Wow Paul, you really kicked the hornets nest with this one. Hopefully the folks in Redmond will sit up and take notice. Perhaps your next article can offer some suggestions ala your "Why can't...

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Preview: Hands-on with Build 16610 Commented on: 29 weeks ago (February 10, 2014)

I have to admit, I think this release screams that the team has lost focus. Making bridges to the either side of the OS is fine but this is...bad to say the least.

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