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Mozilla Kills Modern Version of Firefox Commented on: 5 weeks ago (March 15, 2014)

Is it belittling Mozilla to point out that it was only available in x86 and was, well, really kinda bad? It certainly wasn't better than metro IE, so why would you use it if you have access to the...

Xbox One Game Licensing Explained Commented on: 45 weeks ago (June 7, 2013)

It doesn't really sound like there's any technological reason that Amazon and PayPal couldn't be partners and enable the license transfers.

What if Xbox One is Another Windows 8? Commented on: 47 weeks ago (May 29, 2013)

The difference is MS knows exactly what people are using their 360s for. They don't have to guess whether people use these devices for the media apps, they already know. I gotta say, this post...

Windows 8/RT App Update: Xbox Music Commented on: 1 year ago (March 26, 2013)

Personally, I greatly prefer having settings and functions be in predictable spots across all apps, so to me the app bar is anything but a mistake.

The Sad Tale of Play To and Windows 8 Commented on: 1 year ago (February 3, 2013)

This isn't really the place for it, but after the most recent dashboard update I don't think it's fair to say the Xbox is riddled with ads. Currently on the home screen there's a Super Bowl... Tip: Archive Your Email, Take 2 Commented on: 1 year ago (December 11, 2012)

It's a minor point, but they also added a dedicated 'archive' button to the instant actions menu if you want to use that instead of a move to folder there.

Black Ops 2: $1 Billion in 15 Days, 150 Million Hours of Online Play Commented on: 1 year ago (December 5, 2012)

I get the feeling you just don't like Halo's slower paced not entirely twitch based gameplay. Which is perfectly reasonable; but when you're comparing games it never sounds like you've actually...

Android is the New Windows Commented on: 1 year ago (November 15, 2012)

10% for WP would probably be enough to solve the "new app release" developer interest/consumer awareness problem, which one would think would then be more than enough to push it over 10%.


Microsoft Cheapens Windows 8 with Ads Commented on: 1 year ago (November 11, 2012)

I'd guess it has more to do with trying to establish the Microsoft Advertising SDK in Windows 8 apps as a viable and attractive platform for potential customers and developers rather than just a...

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