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Windows Phone 8 App Pick: Temple Run Commented on: 1 year ago (March 28, 2013)

> But looking for a moment at the glass half empty, let’s just agree that we’d rather have these apps late than not at all.

I presume you ment "half full".

Blue’s Clues: IE 11 Desktop to Include Swipe Navigation Commented on: 1 year ago (March 28, 2013)

I wondered when you'd get around to using "Blue's Clues". ;)

Xbox Music Book: First Draft Complete Commented on: 1 year ago (March 26, 2013)

Paul, I've tried DL'ing the book several times on my IPad without success. Any ideas?

Windows 8/RT App Update: Calendar Commented on: 1 year ago (March 25, 2013)

> appointments are no longer big colored blocks.

But I liked the blocks. Really. :(

Nokia Wireless Chargers Review Commented on: 1 year ago (March 21, 2013)

Just a couple items: Unlike the other chargers, you didn't really show the charging plate, just the little bit under the phone.

> It also features a tiny white charging light on the...

Going Pro: Surface Pen Commented on: 1 year ago (February 20, 2013)

> Microsoft’s over-rated founder, Bill Gates

Harsh, dude.

Going Pro: Trouble in Paradise Commented on: 1 year ago (February 18, 2013)

> I always bring a travel-sized power trip with me when I fly

"I said, I wanna fly the plane!"

Windows Phone 8 Tip: Use the Screen Magnifier Commented on: 1 year ago (February 15, 2013)

Excellent. Glad to see they got both magnify and high contrast. Does this apply to Surface as well?

Office 2013 Gotcha: Standalone Products are for One PC Only Commented on: 1 year ago (February 14, 2013)

Licensing aside, is there a tenical reason preventing you from switching computers?

Going Pro: Portrait Mode Commented on: 1 year ago (February 13, 2013)

Since you make a point about the desktop, more than once, I'm surprised you didn't include a screenshot to demonstrate how it "falls apart".

As for the kindle app, I see this as an...

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