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Windows 7 64-Bit Momentum Commented on: 7 years ago (July 8, 2010)

@Grannyville You could at least make it free to upgrade or make something really cheap like 5-10$

Upgrading from Windows 7 Beta to the Release Candidate Commented on: 8 years ago (April 7, 2009) Everybody is just jealous that Windows 7 is getting more coverage than vaporware Snow Leopard :P
Sweet IE 8 wallpaper Commented on: 9 years ago (July 24, 2008) @Ocean can mac os run windows .exe's?
Randall Stross jumps the shark Commented on: 9 years ago (June 30, 2008) @ Snakedoctor1: There is a saying in my country: If you wouldn't have said anything you would have been (more?) wiser. "Vista has the WORST network stack on the planet. From it wonderful [b]file...
Fun with headlines: The 'this is way overdue edition' Commented on: 9 years ago (June 18, 2008) "Microsoft Videos is your central location for viewing rich media from Microsoft Apparently, too many of you heard about MSN Soapbox, so we decided to start a new video site no one will care about...
OK, AAC failed. How about MT9? Commented on: 9 years ago (June 18, 2008) Actually Paul is right, AAC has failed to replace MP3. Only digital stores use it because it supports DRM. Consumers love MP3 because it has even wider support than AAC and it doesn't support DRM.
Simplest WWDC predictions ever Commented on: 9 years ago (June 8, 2008) @Snakedoctor1 I've never had Leopard crash in a Windows BSD, everything isn't moving, computer stalled kind-of way. BUT I've had it stay in a black screen stance several times when I resume my...
iPhone loses US market share in Q1 2008 ... the real story Commented on: 9 years ago (May 31, 2008) The US market share will drop even more because now they'll be releasing the iPhone and in european markets. Last year the US market share was so great because of europeans and asians importing...
HBO heads to iTunes Commented on: 9 years ago (May 13, 2008) @cesjr: actually it's apple that has failed when it made a statement it couldn't commit to
Live Search gets a makeover Commented on: 9 years ago (May 12, 2008) I'm angry because they've moved the personal start page from to and that wasn't pointed anywhere obvious to see.

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