Plan B for Windows Phone? Commented on: 23 weeks ago (July 8, 2014)

Phone and RT are both so week, I can't imagine how combining them would result in anything but the certain death of both.

I think RT is much closer to being put out of it's misery, but I...

Report: Windows, PCs to Rebound in 2015 Commented on: 23 weeks ago (July 8, 2014)

Total sales for the entire lifetime of the WIndows Phone platform (2010+) should be in the 50 to 60 million units range. (for comparison, that's equivalent to 4 months' worth of Iphone sales, or...

Start Menu Will Replace Start Screen in Threshold Commented on: 24 weeks ago (July 1, 2014)

Good riddance, and it took only 3 years after the first public preview sent parts of the user base for the Torches & Pitchforks aisle of their local Home Depot.

Windows Phone 8.1 Was Going to Include a Folders Feature Commented on: 24 weeks ago (June 30, 2014)

I'd say it's the general lack of execution on the part of the Windows Phone team. There past releases have either come in late or dropped features, mostly both.

But somehow, these people...

Getting Windows to the Threshold Commented on: 24 weeks ago (June 30, 2014)


has the Windows Phone crew that now runs Windows proper ever shipped a product on time?

Sleeping with the Enemy: Google + Microsoft Office Commented on: 24 weeks ago (June 30, 2014)

I think Microsoft by licensing Office on a recurring basis, is slowly but surely pricing themselves out of the consumer, then education, then maybe even business markets.

Office may very...

Surface Pro 3: The Mobile Office Commented on: 27 weeks ago (June 9, 2014)

Well, the Skype video stutters started when Paul went from Fios to cable at home, I guess the office has some proper Internet.

I have to disagree on the audio though, the Heil mic is...

Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 with Bing Commented on: 30 weeks ago (May 24, 2014)

"So by ensuring that these PCs and devices go out the door with Bing, Microsoft is ensuring that most of them will be using Bing (and not Google or whatever). It's a win-win."

Well, it...

Surface Pro 3: Tablet? Commented on: 30 weeks ago (May 23, 2014)

I agree, a 12 inch device is probably to unwieldy to be used as a proper tablet.

Frankly, ever since the advent of ~8 inch "mini"-tablets, I'm surprised we ever accepted ~10 inchers as thin...

Can Microsoft Turn Digital Ink Into a Key Advantage for Windows and Surface? Commented on: 30 weeks ago (May 19, 2014)

I guess if you / Microsoft called it handwriting instead of "inking", that would be too obviuous?

Cause I think the general demise of handwirting over the past two+ decades would serve as...

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