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Windows Phone 8.1 Was Going to Include a Folders Feature Commented on: 8 weeks ago (July 1, 2014)

I'm using the NOKIA folders app which works well enough for now. Curious to see what MS brings to the table as it's integrated with the OS. Hopefully it offers a smoother transition from start...

Sleeping with the Enemy: Google + Microsoft Office Commented on: 8 weeks ago (June 30, 2014)

MS needs to undercut the competition now! Slash the price of Office 365 to $50 a year. Then break it down to a monthly cost for users. People love low numbers when it comes to money. When they see...

Microsoft Details Sleep Study Tool for Windows Commented on: 8 weeks ago (June 30, 2014)

I think Instant-Go will only be as good as the software that depends on it. This app should point out the apps that need some improvement.

Amazon Fire Phone Preview Commented on: 9 weeks ago (June 19, 2014)

Not interested.

Amazon would be better served by offering a great app experience on WP, Android and IOS.

What's Happening with Windows Phone 8.1 Lock Screen Customization? Commented on: 10 weeks ago (June 13, 2014)

This is shaping up to be a good year for WP. Lot's of updates bringing new features to differentiate the OS and make it attractive to users on Apple or Android. The fact that they are opening this...

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview Gets Third Post-RTM Update Commented on: 10 weeks ago (June 13, 2014)

Everything on my 1520 has been perfect except every once in awhile when I click the power button to wake the device. When the display appears it shows my lock screen in 16 colors. No kidding my...

Xbox @ E3 2014: Games, Games and More Games Commented on: 11 weeks ago (June 9, 2014)

EVOLVE and AC look great. Will still play COD, it's sort of a ritual with a number of my friends. We log a lot of hours during the holidays, considering the price of anything these days it's worth...

Google Chrome Goes 64-Bit on Windows Commented on: 12 weeks ago (June 3, 2014)

Is anyone buying the 25% performance increase? Let me guess they developed a special Chromium 64 benchmark which happens to only run on Chrome 64.

Has anyone installed it? Have you notice...

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview Updated Again Commented on: 12 weeks ago (June 3, 2014)

My Lumia 1520 did this once. Powered it back on and the update resumed without any issues. Haven't noticed any improvements yet but the last update did provide a noticeable improvement to battery...

Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 with Bing Commented on: 13 weeks ago (May 23, 2014)

Don't be surprised if Google to create a modern app for it's chrome browser. If Sub 9" tabs are on the market locked into Bing and IE11 most users won't switch. They likely won't want to use...

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