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Rotten Reporting Commented on: 5 years ago (January 16, 2009) "Some of my colleagues in the media have made a Faustian bargain with Apple. In exchange for super-special access ... they tacitly agree not to criticize the company or even to say things it doesn't...
Windows 7: the case for dumping the Start Menu Commented on: 5 years ago (January 13, 2009) "Microsoft already has two virtual desktop managers. One was an XP Powertoy called "Virtual Desktop Manager" and the other is a tool released by sysinternals:
Time to queue up 2009's first 'Year of the Linux Desktop' joke Commented on: 5 years ago (January 11, 2009) "But I'd like to point out that, for the mainstream tech market, the notion that Linux is ever going to compete effectively with Windows is somewhat laughable." Linux has all the time in the world...
Apple’s $1.8 billion iTunes tax Commented on: 5 years ago (January 8, 2009) "Amassing a collection of iTunes-bought Protected AAC tracks is like failing an intelligence test" Running Windows on a server is also akin the failing an intelligence test
Windows 7 is good, maybe even great. But it's not magic Commented on: 5 years ago (January 7, 2009) "But, no, even I'd admit that Linux has had more stuff kluged on top of their serial character stream OS over the years" Considering Linux is a kernel, if it didn't have things on top of it, it...
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