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What I’ve Learned from Dual-Booting "Blue" Commented on: 1 year ago (April 3, 2013)

It boggles the mind how the mega-best-selling Microsoft OS of just 4 years ago--Windows 7--was considered state of the art in every respect, but now there are people who actually believe that the...

Blue’s Clues: Blue is Windows 8.1 Commented on: 1 year ago (April 3, 2013)

I would hope that they would distribute it just like a service pack, no matter what they call it.

Nokia Lumia 920 Review Commented on: 1 year ago (March 30, 2013)

It used to be, you know, that "heavy" as in dense, generally meant "quality construction," whereas lightweight often meant "cheap and flimsy." Guess things really haven't changed that much.

(Virtual) Hands-On with Windows 8 “Blue” Build 9364 Commented on: 1 year ago (March 25, 2013)

@ zorb58

Who *says* its "legacy"?...;) It was state of the art in Windows 7, just a couple of years ago. "Legacy" is, I think, a rather ignorant term that some companies use just to...

What the “Blue” Leak Tells Us About Microsoft’s Strategy Commented on: 1 year ago (March 25, 2013)

I said most everything I wanted in the other "blue" thread...but I will reiterate that it boggles the mind that Microsoft could so quickly abandon the massive popularity of Win7 without attempting...

Windows Blue Leaks! Commented on: 1 year ago (March 25, 2013)

You certainly are not alone. I was afraid that Microsoft would lack the intestinal fortitude to bring back the popular elements of Win XP-Win7, things like the start menu, for instance, and I...

Paying Developers to Support Windows 8 is a Slippery Slope Commented on: 1 year ago (March 21, 2013)

Paul, I think you misunderstood something fundamental here...;) Microsoft isn't paying anyone $2,000 per application. They are paying $100 per application up to a $2,000 total for 20 applications...

Windows 8 Tip: Reset or Refresh Your PC Commented on: 1 year ago (March 18, 2013)

Here's a link to a nice, free, public domain front end for recimg--the Win8 utility Microsoft wrote and uses for "refresh"...It's called "RecImg Manager"...*cough*...;)


1.5 Million Surface Sales: Good or Bad? Commented on: 1 year ago (March 15, 2013)


"The bad news for Microsoft is that they make all of 0% of traditional PC's."

Yes, Microsoft has traditionally been a software company, and you'll see a Microsoft OS...

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