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PlayStation 4 at 6 Million: What?! Commented on: 24 weeks ago (March 5, 2014)

I own the original xbox and stood in line on launch day for my 360, and dutifully bought a new 360 when my first one RROD'd. I've never owned a Sony game device of any sort.

That having...

Further Changes Coming in Windows "Threshold" Commented on: 36 weeks ago (December 10, 2013)

So we would get a combination of malware-resistant windowed apps on the desktop and the Start Menu back as an option? Sounds too good to be true.

Windows 8.1 Upgrade Woes Commented on: 43 weeks ago (October 19, 2013)

Wow, after reading all these comments, and having no real need to upgrade to 8.1 (because I'm already running Classic Shell and don't use Metro), I'm not going to try to do the update - I don't...

Now Xbox One Will Work Without Kinect Commented on: 1 year ago (August 14, 2013)

This reminds me of a youtube video from last year addressing new console rumors/capabilities -


Sony PlayStation 4 Preview Commented on: 1 year ago (June 11, 2013)

I've never owned a Sony console. I currently own an original black xbox (which had the best DVD remote ever made imo, even if you had to pay extra for it), and bought two xbox 360s.


In Blue: Business Features in Windows 8.1 Commented on: 1 year ago (June 3, 2013)

Only IE 11 and improved Malware detection hold any interest to me as an IT guy. Will these not be available on Win 7 as well? If they are, this whole list makes me 0% more interested in Win8 for...

In Blue: Bing Integration is the Marquee New Feature Commented on: 1 year ago (June 2, 2013)

So if I actually had Windows 8 on a machine at work, I better not name any documents with client names or vendor names, because if I want to search for them, I'll now be shooting my corporate data...

(Re)Start Me Up: The Great Windows 8 Debate Commented on: 1 year ago (May 10, 2013)

The start screen is atrocious. If I'm watching Netflix and want to open a program or a file, too bad, I can't keep an eye on the video. God forbid I actually remain able to multi-task....

In Blue: Quicker Apps Access Commented on: 1 year ago (April 25, 2013)

"Just move the mouse cursor around on the Start screen to reveal a new, otherwise hidden, Apps button."

Excellent. I was just thinking how Windows 8 was too discoverable and didn't have...

Windows 8 Tip: Run Metro Apps in Windows on the Desktop Commented on: 1 year ago (March 7, 2013)

"Why would you want to use a Metro app in a window, when you can use a Windows app in a window."

While I currently have no plan on using Metro apps on my Win8 machine, I can see a couple...

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