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Windows Weekly 335: There's a Big But Commented on: 47 weeks ago (November 3, 2013)

Paul, your comment about the ubiquity of advertising is obviously a very common complaint, but I have to say that those that argue that "I paid for the service," and, therefore, the ads you...

Google Nexus 5 Preview Commented on: 47 weeks ago (November 1, 2013)

I have to say, I much prefer the basic design of this phone to LG's "house" Android, the G2, on which this one is based.

I'm not sure whether LG is locked into any exclusivity with Google...

A New Xbox One Blunder: Call of Duty Ghosts Will Only Run at 720p Commented on: 47 weeks ago (October 31, 2013)

I'm dying to know the answer to "why." I'm sure the explanation will be dragged out of Infinity Ward one way or another in the near future.

If there is some fundamental hardware related...

Microsoft's Plan to Sell Windows This Holiday Season Commented on: 47 weeks ago (October 31, 2013)

"This does not comapre with putting a start button that takes you to the largely useless Metro/Modern/Whatever interface."

From what I can tell, the "Metro/Modern/Whatever interface" serves...

Assessing the Chromebook Threat Commented on: 47 weeks ago (October 30, 2013)

"It costs only $280 as well."

"Only"?! A Surface 2 is more than double the value, but less than double that price. If we start to see Surface and perhaps other competing Windows RT tablets...

Surface 2 Review Commented on: 48 weeks ago (October 29, 2013)

"So why would one choose a Surface 2 over the competition?

Office, for one. Having a full-featured Office suite is huge, though I expect this to be replaced by a slightly less full-featured...

Windows Weekly 334: I Am Not A Tool Commented on: 48 weeks ago (October 27, 2013)

Paul, you said you were thrown by the question of what predictions you made that turned out to be correct, and couldn't call to mind any example when asked.

I'll help you. You've...

Nokia Lumia 2520 Preview Commented on: 49 weeks ago (October 22, 2013)

Me want one!

Windows 8.1 Tip: Upgrade from Windows 7 Commented on: 49 weeks ago (October 18, 2013)

Paul, you (rightly) rip on Microsoft for their many bone-headed, anti-consumer approaches to their consumer offerings, so why not this one?

Your painless and worry-free "workaround" to the...

Windows 8.1 Upgrade Guide: Electronic Upgrade Options Commented on: 49 weeks ago (October 17, 2013)

"You can perform a partial upgrade, or migration, meaning that you can choose to bring your settings and/or personal files forward to the new OS version, but not any previously installed desktop...

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