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Blue Commented on: 4 years ago (February 17, 2013)

haha i agree - i can't believe MS hasn't got round to finishing calendar yet. another half-finished product to add to their list

they really should just use the Office365 Exchange format...

Microsoft Sticks a Skype-Shaped Dagger in Messenger Commented on: 4 years ago (February 17, 2013)

i don't think an 'absolute disaster' is on the cards. the insignificant number of people using messenger these days means most won't notice.

I gave skype a go thanks to the 60mins calling...

Office 2013 Gotcha: Standalone Products are for One PC Only Commented on: 4 years ago (February 14, 2013)

i bought the university office 365 subscription which i'm loving.

4 years of office for £60 seems great value.

one thing i wondered and didnt bother to look up is.... i am in my...

Office 365 Home Premium vs. Office 2013: Which Makes More Sense for You? Commented on: 4 years ago (January 29, 2013)

One thing i'm confused about it email. I use, pay for, and prefer Exchange online. Why do we need and Exchange Online?

Fact Check: Windows 8 Pricing Identical to That for Windows 7 Commented on: 4 years ago (January 19, 2013)

The most interesting point here is that Microsoft is using the same pricing structure it used in 2009... heck... i don't know... probably 1995.

Microsoft may not want to change - but the...

Windows 8 Pricing Update Commented on: 4 years ago (January 19, 2013)

Wow! WIndows is shockingly expensive.

Like everyone here I got this software at the $40 price... so am I now going to encourage my friends, my family, my colleagues to hand over $160 more...

Skype 6.1 for Windows Adds Outlook Integration Commented on: 4 years ago (January 10, 2013)

yes outlook isn't really aimed at consumers is it???

Microsoft to Kill Messenger on March 15 Commented on: 4 years ago (January 10, 2013)

WLM is so totally outdated i can't believe anyone still uses it

Modern people now use mobile device based messengers... ie textmessage/imessage/whatsapp

a desktop based interface...

The New Office Expands Free Support for Multiple Languages Commented on: 4 years ago (January 7, 2013)

agreed. most important to get those Z's and S's in the right places.

you say there is a UK Win8 although it is still Windows Media CentER - so they're not doing that good a job.


Tech Resolutions to Consider for 2013 Commented on: 4 years ago (December 30, 2012)

its interesting that you have suggested starting to use lastpass to enhance your security

i also have passwords on my mind at the start of the new year

i'm already all in with...

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